Laravel Geographical Calculator

Submitted by karam-mustafa - 2 years ago

Geographical Calculator was developed for laravel 5.8+ to help you to implement geographical calculation, with With several algorithms that help you deal with coordinates. See this package from here:

// Define your points
    $distance =  \KMLaravel\GeographicalCalculator\Facade\GeoFacade::setPoint([22, 37])
            // add your options, the default value for the unit is mile.
            ->setOptions(['units' => ['km']])

            // you can set unlimited points.
            // ->setPoint([lat, long])
            // ->setPoint([lat, long])
            ->setPoint([33, 40])

            // get the calculated distance.
            // lets suppose you added 6 points
            // this package will return the distance between a first and a second point.
            // a second and a third point.
            // a third and a fourth point and so on.
            // each result will returned  with the index of each point.
            // and you can specify the prefix before the key of each returned,
            // by change the distance_key_prefix key from a config class.
            // for example, the first and second point you add will shown like this:
            // "1-2" => ["km" => 1258.1691302282]
            // the second and third point you add will shown like this:
            // "2-3" => ["km" => 1258.1691302282]
            //  and so on.

    return $distance;