How To Use ReCAPTCHA In Laravel 5.2 Forms For Validation

Submitted by azazqadir - 1 year ago

One of the ways to filter bot traffic is by using reCAPTCHA. It is a reverse Turing Test method to draw a line between organic and bots. reCAPTCHA, a rework of once-popular CAPTCHA, is a free online tool acquired and provided by Google. Source:

Route::get('/',function() {
return view('files.captchaform');
Route::get('captcha-form-validation',array('as'=>'google.get-recaptcha-validation-form','uses'=>'FileController@getCaptchaForm')) ;
Route::post('captcha-form-validation',array('as'=>'','uses'=>'FileController@postCaptchaForm')) ;

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Ads cover the costs of maintaining Laravel-tricks