Handle TokenMismatchExceptions

Submitted by etenzy - 3 years ago

Simply add the following lines to ./app/start/global.php at the "Application Error Handler" - Section there is no need to touch the "CSRF Protection Filter" at all.

App::error(function(Illuminate\Session\TokenMismatchException $exception, $code)
    |    Write to a specific log
    |    Or write the request information to the database for e.g. a firewall mechanism
    |    Or just:
    $errors = [
        '_token' => [
            'Token tricking is very bad!'
     * Generate a new token for more security

     * Redirect to the last step
     * Refill any old inputs except _token (it would override our new token)
     * Set the error message
    return Redirect::back()->withInput(Input::except('_token'))->withErrors($errors);

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